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sweetsharade's Journal

» мiss вεckу*
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Hold on, dream away
You're my sweet charade.

» The Goo Goo Dolls, Hate This Place
THE GIRL » I'm Becky, aka Miss Becky. I'm 25 years young from Canada. I am obsessed with Bon Jovi - their music is amazing and makes me so happy. I have a really loud and sarcastic personality, which others find amusing. I love to curl up and read a good book in a comfortable chair, and I'm obsessed with penguins, tropical places & traveling. Jem & The Holograms are outrageous! Addicted to watching Kendra, I fucking love her. I am a HUGE hockey fan, the Toronto Maple Leafs own my soul. I am a MAC Addict, just ask my friends. I also have a small HUGE obsession with the Food Network. I studied Communications & PR at school, but right now I'm working at a toy company. I love acting like a kid everyday! :)
THE JOURNAL » Yet another friends only journal - it's been this way since March 27, 2004. My journal will always be friends only because I post a lot of personal information and rants that I don't want everyone reading. I'm always looking to meet new LJ friends, so if we have things in common/friends in common, comment & I'll add you. :)
LOVES » acoustic songs. angelina jolie. backstreet boys. bath & body works. beach towns. black & white photographs. bon jovi. booster juice. brad pitt. britney spears. canada. captain jack sparrow. chanel. christian siriano. christina aguilera. coach. concerts. costa rica. cuddling. dane cook. dior. essie nailpolish. finding nemo. flip flops. food network. friends. girls nights. glee. going to the beach. goo goo dolls. gordon ramsay. gossip girl. grease. grey's anatomy. guy fieri. hannah montana. havaianas. hawaii. hawaii five-0. hibiscus flowers. hockey. hockey night in canada. hugs. iced tea. james patterson books. jem & the holograms. jessica simpson. johnny depp. jon bon jovi. justin timberlake. kate hudson. katherine heigl. kendra wilkinson. kisses. laughter. left-handed. louboutins. loud music. lululemon. mac cosmetics. mascara. michael phelps. miley cyrus. new hampshire. new orleans. nicole richie. october 21. outlet malls. palm trees. paul rudd. paul walker. penguins. photography. pina coladas. pirates of the caribbean. project runway. punta cana. pura vida. rainy days. raspberries. reading in a comfy chair. reality tv. richie sambora. ross the intern/ross matthews. shaken iced tea lemonade. shopping. soft coated wheaten terriers. something corporate. stacy & clinton. starbucks. stars. sunglasses. sunrises & sunsets. surfing. tanning. texas. the big bang theory. the caribbean. the color blue. the hills. the ocean. tiffany & co. tlc. toronto maple leafs. traveling. tropical places. tropical vacations. twilight books. university of windsor. VS pink. waikiki beach. webdesign. what not to wear. white wine. writing.

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A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.
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